Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association
Head Office includes the Director, Social Workers, Fundraising and general administration
Tel: 021 685 4150
Fax: 021 686 8544
Address: St. Giles Centre, 71 Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch, 7700
Email enquiries: [email protected]

National Association for People with Cerebral Palsy South Africa
Tel: 011 452 2774
Fax: 011 452 6583
Address: Private Bag X10041, Edenvale, 1610, South Africa

De Heide Children’s Special Care Centre
Care Centre for profoundly disabled children and youth under 21 years old with Cerebral Palsy
Tel: 021 683 5470
Fax: 021 683 5524
Address: 11 Second Avenue, Claremont, 7708
Email enquiries: [email protected]

Rosedon House
Residential home for adults with Cerebral Palsy who are no longer able to live in their parental homes.
Tel: 021 696 2042
Fax: 021 696 4988
Address: Rosedon House, 11 Rosedon Road, Lansdowne, 7780
Email enquiries: [email protected]

The Village Work Centre
Protective work shop providing employment and training for adults with Cerebral Palsy who are unable to work in the open labour market.
Tel: 021 683 1300/1
Fax: 021 683 8780
Address: 11 First Avenue, Harfield Village, Claremont, 7708
Email enquiries: [email protected]

Cerebral Palsy Clinic (Red Cross Children’s Hospital)
Clinic includes Doctors, Physiotherapy, Speech and Feeding Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Clinic staff are involved in ongoing outreach programmes.
Tel: 021 658 5391
Address: Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch, 7708


As part of our public awareness and education, we have various events that take place throughout the year.

In addition, we run numerous campaigns to raise awareness and funds in order to finance the initiatives and facilities that we have as an organisation for the CP community.

All our events can be viewed and bookings made where necessary on the events page of our website