De Heide Special Care CentreĀ 

A day centre for children with cerebral palsy who have a severe and profound intellectual barriers that make learning difficult.

The programmes offerred at the centre are focused on development and also training for parents and caregivers to ensure continued management in the home environment.

De Heide Special Care Centre is a day centre that provides a care and educational programme for children and adults with severe and profound physical and intellectual disabilities and who experience severe barriers to learning.

Children with severe or profound intellectual disability function at the lowest levels of development in the conceptual, social and practical domains. Despite their significant developmental delays, they are still able to learn daily routines and aspects of self-care, albeit in different ways to children without disabilities. The main focus at De Heide is aimed at learners becoming as independent as possible and as such, the activities in the education programme are selected to meet this aim.

The activities presented through interactive learning encounters to create a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Despite the children acquiring a level of independence, the reality remains that they will always require a great deal of care and supervision throughout their lives.

De Heide offers a structured developmental programme and individual support plan which includes:

  • Ongoing assessment to ensure that the appropriate education and developmental programmes are implemented.
  • Individual therapeutic interventions and correct positioning to prevent impairment progression and complications
  • Activities of daily living
  • Training for parents and caregivers to ensure continued management in the home environment
  • Education and training for staff
  • Social work support to parents of the children at the Centre and in the home.
  • Daily transport