Assistive devices can help children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities perform daily activities despite limitations in motor control of posture and movement.

APT is a cost effective way of providing assistive devices for children from poorly resourced families and sturdy enough to provide adequate postural support and stability. Special Care Centres would benefit greatly from having the APT alternative available during their therapy sessions.

Proper positioning and support help to normalise muscle tone and prevent muscle deformities and this in turn optimises functioning.

APT uses recycled materials such as waste paper, thin cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes to produce individually designed devices.

APT’s are available in a variety of colours and are further brightened up by the cutest cartoon characters!

Below is our price list and for further information regarding the benefits of the APT device please contact our CP Clinic for therapy benefits on 021 658 5391 and for information about the APT Technology and to place your order please contact the Village Work Centre on 021 683 1300 (specs are available from them as well).

Price list:

Small               : R 195 – 00

Medium          : R 245 – 00

Large               : R 295 – 00