The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Rosedon started with a welcome by the Chairperson of Rosedon House, Mr Osman Shaboodien who noted that the residents, staff and parents can be very proud as Rosedon House has grown from strength to strength over the past 25 years.  He went on to say that this was only possible through everyone’s love, support and commitment to Rosedon House and the residents.  A moment of silence was observed for those who had passed on and made a significant contribution to Rosedon House.  A special mention was made in memory of Mr Fig who left a wonderful legacy as one of the founders and Chairperson of the WCCPA.

Mr. Donald Todd, a sibling of one of the residents, took everyone down memory lane when he recounted the many outings the residents went on in the 1990’s when petrol was cheaper! Estelle Eksteen  a resident who has been at Rosedon House for 25 years, said she can remember how strange it felt living at Rosedon House at first but when the residents started to get to know one another it wasn’t so strange anymore; and 25 years later it is home and they are all very happy there.  Two of the staff members, Dorothy Ely and Belinda September each received a long service award for 25 years of service at Rosedon House. The Chairperson of the WCCPA; Mr Noor Osman remarked that Rosedon House was a special place and went on to say  “whenever I walk into Rosedon House I get such a warm feeling and that feeling tells me that I am amongst family who are living well and happily together, keep that warmth…”.

Rosedon House will continue to keep their flame burning brighter than ever!