On Wednesday 21 October 2015 workers at The Village Work Centre in Harfield queued up to receive, for some, their very first pair of spectacles.

The Village Work Centre is a project of the The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association (WCCPA) a non-profit organisation that provides diagnostic, treatment, care, support, training and employment opportunities to people   with Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Noticing that some of the workers at the Village Work Centre were struggling to see their work, PR for Spec Savers in Cape Town, Patti Graham alerted local franchise owner of Spec Savers at Cavendish Square – Wesley Language of the situation and requested that he provide eye screening for all the workers.

After screening over 120 workers and staff, Wesley found that 21 of them needed spectacles urgently – as some were very challenged with their sight. Since none of the workers were able to afford paying for the spectacles Wesley offered to sponsor their eye testing and frames and approached Hoya Optical Laboratory to sponsor the lenses required. Hoya agreed, and today the 21 people were fitted with their brand new spectacles. The excitement was palpable and a few tears shed with happiness that they could now see properly for the very first time!

The happy group pictured with Wesley Language and Patti Graham.