For the 62 years the WCCPA has been in existence it has been instrumental in providing key services to people with Cerebral Palsy (CP).  An exciting few days was planned and the events were open to all.

The week started on Tuesday – 23 August 2016 with a CP Basic training seminar hosted at the Johnson Hall, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch and covered the following topics:

  • What is CP?
  • Feeding and positioning of CP children
  • Play and communication for CP children
  • The importance of stretching and positioning CP children

The seminar was presented by 2 of our therapists’ one occupational therapist and the other a physiotherapist.

On Wednesday – 24 August 2016 we had a walkabout of our Centres and a presentation about post school opportunities for learners with cerebral palsy.  Opportunities for school leavers with cerebral palsy are limited and they are often found isolated at home without any meaningful occupation or socialisation. With this as a backdrop the WCCPA is currently focussing on providing services for young adults.  Attendees all met at The Village Work Centre – 11 First Avenue, Claremont, at 09:00 for a presentation of our services and a tour of our Protective Workshop.

  • Followed by a tour of De Heide Special Education and Care Centre.
  • We then proceeded to Rosedon House & Our Hope Community Day programme for Adults in Rondebosch East.  Transport was provided to Rondebosch East and back to Claremont.

Thursday – 25 August 2016 we had a WCCPA Showcase at the St Giles Hall, St Giles Association, 71 Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch. The Projects who showcased the work they do:

  • Our Hope Adult Day programme – activities such as fabric painting, ceramic painting, free art
  • Social Work Services – Information on the management of CP, support groups, awareness programmes, skills development
  • The Village Work Centre – the manufacturing of wooden artefacts and household equipment, standing frames and seats for children with CP, sewing products, contract packaging and assembly work for local businesses.

In attendance on all 3 days was Mr Samuel Julius the Principal of Eros School in Athlone.  He had the following to say “in my tenure as principal of Eros, and thus my involvement with specific reference to CP learners, having attended the CP awareness week was the best thing that could happen to me. Information, in theory as well as in practice, broadened my awareness in a way that would never be possible if I had to study the particular special need. This awareness week motivated me to commence research on people with Cerebral Palsy and I wish to contribute to educating everyone I come in contact with.”