In his address at the 64th AGM of the Association Mr Noor Osman mentioned that despite our extensive service delivery platform there is the ever-impending unmet need of service users who are currently not accessing the required services either from the WCCPA, government services or other non-profit organisations.

Factors like the physical location of service users and changes in the public health policy directives are often the cause of service users not being able to access existing services from existing service delivery platforms.  This indicates that significant changes are required in the service delivery of the association to ensure that the association remains true to its objective of holistic care for people with cerebral palsy.  In response to this the association embarked on a strategic positioning process to create a distinct platform to respond to the needs of service users with cerebral palsy throughout their lifespan across all communities of the Western Cape province.

The WCCPA envisages that the Strategic Positioning process will help to provide services in a broader geographic area by leveraging the internal skills and resources of the association and respond appropriately to the unmet needs of service users in other parts of the Western Cape and collaborate with other organisations and service providers for a broader reach of service users.