The WCCPA is excited to introduce a new, more inclusive icon that will represent those diagnosed with cerebral palsy in an inclusive, empowered, mobile and active light. The message conveyed by the icon is that people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities are valuable members of society who, with the right care, facilities and encouragement, can contribute to and be integrated into society.

Giving effect to the rights of people with disabilities includes removing the barriers they experience. People with disabilities should be represented holistically, and disability should be seen to be:

Inclusive – Regardless of physical or mental ability, all people should be included in the daily activities of life such as mainstream schooling, business and other aspects of society.

Empowered – People living with disabilities are no longer held back by the labels society has given them and are instead empowered to live full and meaningful lives.

Mobility – People with disabilities are no longer seen to be immobile. Instead, they are capable, able to compete in sports, work and manage on their own in an environment that caters for their needs with the right resources.

Active not Passive – Those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities are willing and able to learn skills and add value to their lives.

People living with disabilities have a voice and are valued for their contribution to society and the new WCCPA icon aims to remove the stigma often directed at people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.