As an organisation dedicated to the needs of people with the debilitating effects of Cerebral Palsy, the Western Cape Cerebral Association approaches the end of 2019 reflecting on how successful we have been in improving the lives of our beneficiaries.

We serve people with disabilities who face a multitude of barriers which further compound the difficulties in their lives.

We serve babies and children for whom therapeutic interventions are vital for their future progress.  We serve elderly people who can no longer care for themselves and have no families.  We serve young people whose level of function precludes them from working in the open labour market by giving them the opportunity to work in a sheltered employment programme doing work for which they are able. We serve children with severe to profound disabilities by providing them with their right to ‘education’.  We serve adults who are unable to perform a work function but nevertheless are able to thrive in a daily occupational therapy programme. We provide our beneficiaries with transport services without which they would be confined to their homes, their lives would be compromised, their future with little hope.

So, as we reflect, we recognise that there is much more we want to do, we remain committed to our goals, we serve to the best of our ability and we look forward to another year of raising awareness for people with disabilities who are unable to speak out on their own.

We are thankful that we have been able to do the work we have done this year and for the opportunity to do more next year.