The needs across our WCCPA projects are great and differ according to the services provided at each project. The expense budget for all our projects exceeds R13 million per anum and that is beside the donations in kind we receive! But, the donations in kind we are fortunate to receive from wonderful givers, assists in reducing operating costs.

Listed below are items that is common to all of our projects:

• gardening equipment
• maintenance tools
• cleaning equipment and detergents
• toiletries
• bulk toilet paper
• stationery
• printing/copy paper

Additionally: At the CP Clinic we need fat crayons, playdough, plastic “soccer balls” 20 cm in diameter in a variety of colours and some spiky ones too, yoga mats, files, Velcro and board books with simple clear pictures) At De Heide, we need adult and children’s diapers, wet wipes, yoghurts and clocks. At Rosedon House, they serve food – dry and fresh, and they too are in need of adult diapers. As COVID-19 has impacted on many companies, contract work has been difficult to secure. Hence the Village Work Centre is in desperate for contract work to ensure that their workers can attend the workshop daily. [Each project has a needs list that the public can request] Their details can be found under the CONTACT tab.

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